prayer to take the pain away from people who treat me with evil and contempt

by Jan (Nj, Usa)

take my avoidant demenour away make the world more loving, caring and acceptaning, take away my depression, my self-loathing, contempt, thoughts of suicide, the pain of the past, the illness of all these people in my life-family and friends, stop the contempt others direct at me.

remove the evils of the world and make people more loving, forgive my sins and take me to heaven if i can no longer cope, please give me peace.

dont prolong my suffering, please at the very least let me find something positive and forgot answering ungrateful prays about people that chase evils, teach them humility and forgive them. otherwise just end the world like Christ said he would. so many evils.

i pray for those who have commit suicide and those to do that in the future. i pray for special loved ones that are gone

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