Prayer to take the lien off our home.

by Yael (Silver Spring Md)

please pray for my husband to find a job that will pay him enough so we dont have to strugle. we have been blessed for so many years but the last 3 years have been very difficult for our family. it almost cost us our marriage.

the irs audited my husband and our accounted has been trying fo r4 years to show them that we dont owe them the rediculs amount the are reqeusting from us.

This matter has taken a huge toll on me and my husand and effected our health as well. they have put a lien on our home and say that we owe them more rediculus some of money. please pray form me and my husband that this problem get lifted from our life and give us peace. your prayers at this time mean so much to us and we appreciate it. god bless you.


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