Prayer to Take Our Hands and Lead Us Down Our Paths Together

Dear Lord,

Thank you for all things you have blessed me, him, and my family with over the years. As I am led through this amazing life, my love and trust in you has grown immensely. My gratefulness leaves me with no other words.

So Lord, I don’t mean to be too dependent upon you, or to seek too much of your service (as I know there are things I must learn on my own), but I ask for your guiding hand. You have worked tremendous wonders to bring us together and allow us to take amazing roles in each other’s lives. I attribute all of our love and success to you. Lord, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

However, as we are both discovering our roles within this world, we have lost track of the place where our paths cross. Lord, your miracles have brought us together, and as we reach out our hands we know our love is still true. It’s our paths leading us astray.

Lord, I know I am still young. Lord, I know I still have a lot to learn, to live, and to give, but, and in your name, I am committed to him. I will pull together my strengths to overcome obstacles.

Time and distance, are, as you know, some of the most difficult obstacles we face. Lord, I cannot see the future (as I know this is not a gift I am meant to have), so I ask for your guiding hands to grasp ours and lead us down our paths with hope, love, and dignity. Lord, I am asking you to bless this relationship (as you have done time and time again) and our strength, hope, and love that keeps our hands outreached.

Dear Lord,

You are a father figure to me now more than ever. I feel your love, support, and encouragement, and I can not thank you enough. As I face my obstacles of adulthood, your gentle spirit brings such peace to my heart. I am so very thankful to have you as a Father and a guide.

Lord, I love you so very much, and thank you for everything.

In your name I pray,