Prayer to Take Away Pain and suffering

by Nazeeda (Mauritius)

Dear Lord,

I am in such pain right now that all I want is to end my life but deep down I believe in miracle.
I am turning to you so that you can make it happen for me.
I am begging you please Lord, make my husband lisen and stay with me and more important please put love in his heart for me.
Please please God accept my request.
I still have faith in you because before marrying him I asked for your permission and it was granted to me.
So why I am going throught this very difficult time in my life where I should be happy.
I have always fight for whatever I have today and I was hoping Lord that the struggle will be less, unfortunately it is not.
Show me the way Lord, what I have done wrong?
He is my reason to wake up every morning and my motivation in life, without him what will I do?

Dear Lord, I leave everything in your hand and please grant me my wish.


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