Prayer to Take Away My Burdens

Take the burden off of this house and myself.

Pay off my worries wherever they are from and those around me. Do not let monetary issues trouble myself or the United States of America. Send me some scholarships so I can finish my education. Help me boost my GPA.

Also help me hire some good people if they need to get back to work and I can delegate some work and not let me waste my time. Keep me healthy wealthy and wise and if my enemies despise let it not be to my demise. Send some money for projects that are long overdue.

Also let me get some decent sleep and the people around me so they do not have to worry about money. I know you can send me someone to call for money whenever I need it so I do not have to worry about it. Let me unconditionally love my family and friends with all of your blessings. Let me do whatever it takes to pass my art class and graduate and not worry about the money. Keep me sane.

Take my grievance for my past indiscretions and correct any injustice that has been brought against me.

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