Prayer to support my daughter

by Val (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA)

My daughter was recently excited about graduating from college. She had finished her finals. Last Thursday 12/12 she received a note from the schools provost that she was being brought up on academic integrity charges.

Her plans to continue with her higher education as a PA are now on hold. She took a microbiology class this last summer where she had to write a paper. Somehow, an individual plagiarized her paper. She does not know the individual nor has even met him. Although she had nothing to do with this – the university says she provided a “donor” paper and is guilty as if she had done the plagiarizing herself. So much for due process. She is a young lady of impeccable moral and ethical values. She is crushed as am I her father.

I am asking for St Jude to intervene on her behalf and open the eyes and hearts of those administrators that can help dismiss this item that is weighing on the future of an innocent young lady. I believe in God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and all the angels and saints – please help my daughter.

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