Prayer to support children

by C (USA)

Dear St. Jude,

Being you are the Saint that helps in despaired causes, please pray for us and intercede on our behalf.

I have children I support alone and am dire need of money to pay debts from numerous sources. Am being foreclosed upon and have no means to secure another home or move us. Kids have many needs that require attention such as dental, health, and just basic desires that I cannot fulfill. Kids are in desperate need of orthodontics not just for cosmetic reasons, but for medical too.

I want them to have straight teeth to enable them to feel better about themselves and secure good jobs as attractive persons are often selected. I am facing collection suits from medical creditors too. We miss our animals greatly too as they have moved with my eldest daughter should quick moving become imminent.

I also have another situation affecting another daughter, which requires money to enable her to get the right person who can obtain justice. Please provide a huge monetary windfall to help our causes. I wish to lend and not borrow and to become a blessing to others.

Please intercede for us. I truly feel desperate and alone sometimes. Please provide a financial miracle. Thank you.

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