Prayer to strengthen relationship

by M.G (Accra)

My relationship seems to be falling apart and it’s because i fear that I’m not good enough for him that i find it hard to open up.Please help me to overcome this fear and have faith in God over my relationship. Please pray that there will be happiness peace understanding love joy unity and honesty in my relationship. Thank You

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please remember me in prayers. I love my girl very much and wouldn’t hesitate spending the rest of my life with her. But there’s this part of me that I find it difficult stopping. I FIND IT DIFFICULT TO STOP SLEEPING AROUND. It’s not as if I’m proud of it but I always feel shame and disappointed when it happens. I always pray to God to help me stop this but I see no response. Is it that I’m weak in prayers? Well, men of God, please heed to my cry and help me rip this part out of me cuz it’s really disturbing my life and my spiritual relationship. Thank you

  2. Anonymous says:
    stronger bond and commitment

    i feel for you jackie. i’m also facing the same situation at this time. i will pray for you. God will heal our relationships. and as i always pray, i ask Him to teach me how to love as unconditional as i could.
    i look forward to a happy news that you are suppose to post here! God bless you jackie!

  3. Jackie says:
    stronger bond and commitment

    Please pray for myself and my boyfriend of 1 year. I love him dearly but get insecure often in our relationship. I do believe he loves me but he says he’s not ready for commitment. Please pray that our bond grows stronger with each day and that he realizes that I am here for him in each and every way, that he can tell me his feelings and that he will one day feel comfortable about committed relationships and possibly marriage. Most importantly pray that his live for me is real and true, as mine is for him..

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