Prayer to strengthen our love in time of need

by Lorraine (New York)

I ask that a prayer be said first for B and his son. B has come into custody of his son suddenly by certain events. I ask that the bond between the two grows strong and loving and the transition is an easy one. I know that B is under a lot of stress at this time which has caused him to want to end our relationship. He says it is hard for him to do this and it hurts him, but he does love me.

He knows I will always be there for him and would help him in anyway I can. We have talked and want to work things out, but i fear he is giving up. I do not want to distract him from the time and things he has to do with his son;I want to love and give him the support he needs. I pray that our love is reconnected stronger and that bond between us not be lost but becomes one.