prayer to stop my seizures and heal my diabetes

by Latonya (Clarkston, GA US)

I am having so many problems. First, of all is my faith. I keep feeling that God might not be looking at my situation because of sins from the past. Next, my health is a total disaster. I have two types of seizures. Also, I have type II diabetes, peridontal disease, depression because of the problems in my life.

I am also having financial problems. I can’t get a job. I know that my health contributes to this, but I need one so bad. I have two daughters and I can’t do anything for them. Last month, my public assistance was stopped. It was my only source of income. Today, I plan to see someone about this issue. Maybe they will have it in their hearts to want to give it back to me. My friend is always fussing with me. He says that I need to do something about helping my self.

Everyday, I am on the internet, looking for work, and i just can’t find one. I have applied for social security disability, but I won’t have a hearing until November or December of this year. I so desparately need help now. My friend is always being concerned about me, even though we are having problems. I realize that he can’t take care of everything by hisself.

My oldest daughter has behavioral problems. She is being so disrespective to both of us. I want God to take this from her. Lord, help me.

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