Prayer to Stop Divorce and Restore Our Marriage

by Carolyn (USA)

After 40 years of marriage going through grey divorce as husband left me for a woman the age of our daughter and filed for divorce. Our marriage experienced many problems after he had a heart attack five years ago. In lieu of physical changes for the heart attack, he was spending great deal of money on younger women as he ran for his life.

I thought the changes reflected a new stage in our marriage not its downfall. My husband has never been close to God and I fell by the waist side too. I know he is wrong for the five year affair but Satan entered our life to steal and destroy our marriage. I realize that I played right into satans hands and I know that my husband gave in to temptations but I want to save and restore my marriage.

Please pray that the Lord will change husbands heart and he will get rid of the younger woman and return home to work on restoring our marriage. He says he no longer desires me and that he has not for years. Please pray that God will rekindle the love, intimacy and passion we once had for each other.

I thought his lace of desire related to heart attack and learned husband was using Viagra with and for the younger woman. He even wiped us out financially. Ask God to return a man of God who loves his wife whole heartedly. In Jesus, Amen.

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  1. Faith

    Carolyn good morning

    My prayers are with you

    Please go to church each Sunday

    Jesus needs you

    You are a good person

  2. how to stop your divorcing you

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