Prayer to stop arguing and becoming angry and hurt

Lord Jesus, I pray this prayer to you in your Holy name, without whom we are nothing.

Thank you first for your loving care, your unwavering shepherd’s eye, on us, on me, your flock of helplessly foolish sheep.
Lord, I pray that you strengthen me so that I may be made better from the pressure I feel, from the stress, rather than feeling depleted and drained by the enemy. Use this trial to lift me, in your name, to glorify yourself through me. Help me to hold my tongue, to stop and think. In turn, help others in my family, in my life, to have compassion and to see within me, to see that I try my best, that I try to make things nice for them, help them to see and feel for me. I know you said they will hate because you were hated so we will be, but if that’s the case, which since you said it, it is, then please make me resilient and strong enough to bear it. I could say so much more but I am weak. Please just help me overcome. Help my mother to show love and my friend to have kindness and vision for all I go through. Help me to be kind and loving too, I beg you. I love you Lord. I’m sorry for letting you down. Please Holy Spirit, talk for me. I’m weak and tired.

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