Prayer to St.Jude for More Money to Live Comfortably Again

by Maggi Harris (Citrus Heights, CA)

I thank you St.Jude for listening and answering my prayer today. I ask you for a miracle so that I can earn a new large salary with my new job that you will help me to get. I have suffered for 7 years of not being able to have my own home. I have had to rent roomsthat has been hard. Even though I have been grateful for a roof over my head, I use to own my home, raised my family.

I want to earn a great living so that I don’t have to struggle financially anymore. I want to be able to be comfortable..and to have security again. I want to own my home again. I need to earn good money in a new job so that I can help my son while he lives with me and going to college. I also ask you St.Jude for a miracle in helping me to get approved to live in a nice condo for my son and I. Thank you St.Jude for helping me! I am grateful.

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  1. how can we know what is god's will?

    how can we know what is god’s will? I want to. To be able to follow it and be able to be good at it according to his desire.

  2. For You

    Many times we pray hard for different things & we seek solutions for our problems. I found that I prayed a lot but I became impatient without having a solution for my problems. I now have come to realize that I need to pray to God about hearing His voice on my concerns & doing His will that is for me. Knowing the will of God for us makes things so much better than making attempts & decisions on our own. When we are led by God, we can not go wrong but when we make our own efforts, they backfire, fall apart, fail, don’t last long, or they send us in circles. My point is that hearing from God and knowing His will for us eliminates us from making costly mistakes & being unhappy. If it is the will of God for you, then I pray that God will give you the desires of your heart. I pray that you get a increase in pay, possibly a better job, your own home, gain security, extra college money for your son, & overall happiness.
    Dear God, I ask you Lord to hear the prayers of Maggi & to help her in her situations. I ask you Lord to allow her to know Your will for her life. I ask You to give her the wisdom & abilities to make the desires of her heart come true. I ask You Lord to let her hear You clearly & for her to be able to know that it is You & nothing else other than You. I pray that this family will be blessed by You Lord. In the name of Jesus Christ I pray and say Amen.

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