Prayer to St. Jude to Receive Grace to Accept Good Timing

by EM (El Pasos)

My days are long and sad. I been lost for a while i need to get back on track. I miss him. Everyday i want your will to be done if he is not for me help me heal. Help me get through. I fell in love with him. I want the same back that love that we had. I need to focus since its my last semester of nursing i want to finish finals and my next class successfully.

Give me the grace to accept what your will is for me. Give me the grace to accept your timing. Let me rest and be at peace knowing your working out everything for me. You know the desires of my heart i leave it up to you. I trust in your miracles. I trust i will pass. I promise to honor always.

To publish you to visit our church like i have been. St. Jude i need a miracle. Amen.

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