prayer to st jude to pay all debts

dear st.jude my helper my father im in great need of money …i got into some greedyness and took some money from a person who charges interest ….im now hooked up with it….im a young fellow and im studying i am not able to repay and he is charging penalty i need some money to get out of dis… i also want to live a happy life like other students do…all my days are sorrowfull now…pls help me ….gran me some money…if my mother get to know abt dis she will die as she has low bp and bad health she cannot take it …im suffering in a very young age …i want to get out of it…….ive one a mistake and i realize it pls pls pls pls help me appa….i need some money as soon as possible…and also im gettin bad thougts of suicides and all…pls…pls….help me help me help me…..i pray to u as u have always helped me…help me my dear st.jude…i praise u luv u and will always remember u as my mediator to my father jesus ..pls help me

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  1. Is there hope

    Dear St.Jude,It’s me again.You see I prayed Day and night to you when my husband left me .It took two years and you brought him back to me,Thank You!! Now my Dear St.Jude I need you more than ever ,where do I start ,recently my daughter who has angrier problems went into our kitchen and pulled out a knife and stabbed herself .Thank god she lived I took her to the hospital and they said she was very lucky.She got stitches and was sent home.When I seen my daughter stab herself my heart stopped.Every time I walk in the kitchen I see her being stabbed…I coulden t handle this so I went one day to the casino ,I kept taking out money ,then more and more truly not realizing how much I just wanted the pain to go away. Then I realized what I did I have to live with this now too .oh god I didn’t have the money and my husband had nothing to do with my stupidity yet he is paying for it .I’m so scared what could happen .I’ve put us into so much debt, that I don’t know what to do I can’t work I had to get on Medical Retirement… Please St Jude and my Heavenly father,forgive me please for what I’ve done….May a miracle fall upon us of 5,000.00 .Whom ever reads this please pray that some how we will be ok.May god bless, and most important of all please pray for my daughter that she will get the help ahe needs.

  2. God is with u

    I will stand in prayer for u … I understand what u r going through it’s heavy, but the Lord says come you who r burdened and heavy laden I will give u rest. Trust, believe, have faith that ur prayers r answers dear child and it will be so.

    Hang in there money is a paper with a stamp on it, don’t let it rule u or break ur spirit, God loves u sometimes we need to learn something so God allows such things so we will not repeat it for our own good, tough love hurts. But God is bigger than ur issue so be not worried it will all be gd :$

    Love&Light to you

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