Prayer to St. Jude to open the door for a business opportunity

by Bernadette (AZ)

Dear St. Jude, I ask of you, along with the miraculous power of Jesus to allow a unique business opportunity to manifest for my husband and I. We have both been hard, dedicated employees for years, but because of this tough economy have found ourselves unemployed.

St. Jude, an opportunity to open a small business has presented itself to us. However, because of past financial difficulties, the owner of the business location may be reluctant to grant us the lease on the building we have found.

St. Jude, I ask you to intercede on our behalf and open the heart and thoughts of the business owner to afford us the opportunity and give us the chance to make our business plan a reality. I have faith in our Lord Jesus and you St. Jude, that this will happen. We are both eager to work hard, make a fruitful and spirit filled life for our family.

We cannot wait to give back to our community and to those less fortunate than us, and this business will allow us to accomplish this through fund raisers and beauty services to those less fortunate.

Thank you so much for all the work you have done in our lives. I implore your intercession to allow our beauty salon to open its doors and that guidance be offered to make the right business decisions.

Thank you Glorious St. Jude. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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