Prayer to St. Jude to heal my husband

by Kathy ()

Dear St. Jude, please pray for my husband for he has a drinking problem. He is a wonderful man, but not too long ago he got into a terrible accident and sustained a brain injury.

Physically he healed from this accident, but his alcohol addiction has prevented him from healing mentally. He is very depressed and no longer has a love for life. He hasn’t been himself and it makes me so sad.

He has been taking anti-depressant drugs but I don’t think the doctor has it dialed in right. Please ask God to help this doctor find the right drugs for him. He started going to AA meetings but is too ashamed of himself and embarrassed to ask for a sponsor.

Please send him a sponsor who will make him love life again. I nursed him back to health but I can’t seem to help here, please bring my husband back to me. I feel so hopeless and it is making me depressed too. I promise to be ever mindful of this request.

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