Prayer to St. Jude of Thanksgiving from Saving Me from Cancer

by Mary (Australia)

A year ago I notice a lump in my breast, I went straight to doctors

Had tests wasn’t looking good ,
The shape indicated cancer!!!
I was I mess crying constantly
Not knowing if I would live to see my
Son grow up, I prayed to saint Jude
And prayed and prayed god even sent
His angels to care for me, people who I had never met before we’re there giving me strength , I was booked in to have lump removed , the doctor couldn’t find lump , I looked up and said thank you god , then he finally found lump and told me this looks like fatty tissue , they operated and removed lump , and yes it was fatty tissue , I can’t help thinking that a miracle had occurred , as I prayed
And prayed morning moon and night
For saint Jude to grant me a mitacle ,
Thanks st Jude for answering my prayer,,,,