Prayer to St Jude for money to help me survive while I pursue my dreams of being an artist

by Jeff S (North Carolina)

Dearest and most Holy St Jude,

I offer up this prayer of need in hopes that you will bless me.

My lifelong dream has been to be a successful artist. It is now, at the age of 50, all that I have left and had been the reason for me to live. There is nothing else for me in this world but to use my talents that the Lord has given me to the best of my abilities and it is through the creation of my art that I find any true meaning and happiness.

So I ask you now to please bless me with an abundance of money as so I can place all of my focus and attention on my craft. Your financial blessing will buy me time, give me hope and support me and help me realize my goals as an artist and see me through until the day when I am able to support myself through the sales of my artwork.

You have seen all the hard labor I have endured in my past, all the jobs that have worn out my body and helped break my spirit. You know that though I am a hard worker, my soul is only happy when I following my true calling. Your blessing, especially now that I without a job and my finances are running out, will be readily and most thankfully received.

Thank you for listening. In your precious name, Amen.

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