Prayer to St. Jude for Helping my Family

by CG (Fl)

We’ve been through so much these past two years. Please help our financial situation, help us gain stability, receive more prosperity, abundance and a better relationship with God and each other.

Help my grandmother win her case, help my cousin fulfill her dreams, give my aunt peace, give my mom strength. Help me handle stress better, help me achieve all of my goals and gain the stability I seek to help my family. Save us from poverty, hopelessness and doubt.

Let this year end greatly for us. Let us please see the best of all situations and bring us joy and peace. I pray for us everyday and I have so much faith. Thank you and I will spread your work in every way I can. I will donate anyway I can and give always. In Gods name, his son Jesus and you St. Jude, I say amen and thank you.

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