Prayer to St. Jude for Healing Skin Cancer

by Anna (New Orleans, LA, USA)

St. Jude, please help prevent a skin cancer recurrence. I am trying to have a baby, and there is a chance that I could have another skin cancer, which would complicate the pregnancy & my life in general. I have suffered with skin cancer, especially recently, and it was incredibly difficult. I don’t believe I will be able to handle another lesion.

I have also had miscarriages in the past, and those were equally as terrifying to endure. Between the skin cancers and miscarriages in the last four years, I have had nothing but pain, both physically and emotionally. Please end my suffering. Please stop my incessant fear.

Also, please help my friends who are dealing with serious cancer diagnoses, as I feel helpless in their time of need. They need you, St. Jude, possibly more than I do. I feel their pain. My heart breaks for them, just as it does for myself, perhaps more. Please, please, please St. Jude, help them!!! Help me!!!

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