Prayer to St Jude for employment found for spouse

by Tim (North Yorkshire,England)

I said the prayer to St Jude listed above asking that he help my wife get the job for which she had an interview. She had left her previous job due to bullying from her manager and has been depressed ever since,feeling low and with no self-esteem.

There were a lot of people being interviewed and she thought she didn’t stand much of a chance.
Thanks to St Jude and Our Blessed Lady she was offered the job.

She is a very happy person now.Although she is not a Catholic she has benefited from the love and intercession of St Jude and Our Lady.
To you please do not despair or give up hope-keep your faith and keep praying as they will be answered.

Our Lady’s grotto at St Joseph’s Pickering is a lovely one to visit.

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