Prayer to St Joseph to Help my Husband

by C (Nevada)

Please, St Joseph, intercede on John’s behalf to help him stay sober, find steady employment and a warm, safe place to live when he is released from jail. The choices he has made in the last few years have been so horrible, but I know that the man who made these choices is not the man he truly is, but fueled by hopelessness, drugs, and alcohol.

Please help him stay sober with a clear mind, erase his heartbreak that took him down this horrible road, and help him be a good,loving father, like you were to Jesus. Please let the judge allow him to have the interstate compact to go back to Wyoming, where he won’t be living on the streets surrounded by temptations but be in a safe and loving environment instead.

Please help heal the heartbreak his decisions have caused for me and my children as well. St Joseph, protector of families and most loving of fathers, pray to God for me.