Prayer to St. Joseph to buy a woodlot and to help friends in need….

by Joseph Bru..... (Lanark Highlands , Ontario, Canada)

Dear St Joseph please help me get sufficient funds so that I can pay off my debts, help needy persons and have enough left over to buy a large woodlot so that I can build a small cabin . I will dedicate this lot to the Holy Family and will first build a large cross to Honour Our Lord Jesus Christ .

The cabin will be a place of prayer and nothing of this world will be permitted to enter . Except my Bible and other prayer books , food, water, and the few tools that are needed to build this cabin. I will need your help as a carpenter in order to cut trees and make planks and whatever else I would need to build this cabin . It will be an all wooden cabin with 2 windows, a hand made door and furniture . etc….
Thank you Jesus, Mary and Joseph for this help . I promise to be good to all and pray daily for this to happen and pray daily after I get it till the time God calls me to Him .

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