Prayer to St. Joseph for a Young Family’s Needs

by Romana (New Jersey, USA)

Dear St. Joseph, model of earthly and spiritual fathers, please bless my families — both the ones I came from and the one I am building from the moment I conceived my first child.

My family now is in need of your assistance. We have been in unity in the Sacrament of Matrimony for many years — psychologically, physically and spiritually, we are united in the bonds of marriage vows and faith in only One God in the Most Holy Trinity. But along the way, as my husband and I begin to notice we are growing old as parents who started a family at already mature age, we felt the need for assistance in some material things such as good health insurance, mortgage payments, house repairs (I know, St. Joseph, that you are an expert in building a house using stones, bricks and wood… I rely to that, please come to our aid), payment for matriculation fees for our still very young children in the elementary school (at least, for their college expenses), and for our need to help others both materially and spiritually.

St. Joseph, I know from the start that building a family is hard because my husband is not rich or famous like other men are. However, it is true love that binds us together and keeps us growing spiritually together. Our children are so dear to us that we cannot afford to leave this world in good faith seeing them without the least financial security they must posses and deserve to have.

St. Joseph, I am aware that I must ask for something spiritual, I do and it is for peace and unity in all the world. We have peace in our family, but we are also in need of material things. I do not ask for plenty — but that which is just enough to suit our needs and the needs of our children, but God’s will be done in every way. If He gives us excess, we surely can share this blessing to others who are in need like us. To ask for material things is something I am ashamed about, but I do ask humbly — for living in a strange land away from my childhood family and friends is so different from living in a family surrounded with helping and loving Mothers and Fathers, faithful and enduring Friends, as any other young families are in this modern world. Being quite alone in a land far from my culture and relatives is sometimes devouring my hope and faith… but I trust in God’s loving mercy and providence.

Through your powerful intercession, dear St. Joseph, I pray and trust that my petitions are heard and granted in God’s perfect time and space. As you have once built a Holy Family on earth, with the Blessed Mother Mary and Jesus our Child Savior, inspire us more to build a small “Holy Family” within our family which my very young and only son described as a “home and the only family I would ever have on earth.” Amen.

St. Joseph, Protector and Provider of the Holy Family, please help that my prayers to God may be granted soon but in His time.

St. Joseph, Guide and Model of Responsible and Loving Parents, intercede for us in our needs and for the needs of those who are praying with me right now.

St. Joseph, pray for us!

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