Prayer to sort out a major problem – to avoid bad name

by Chhobi (Gurgaon)


I have to get the confirmation of 3 rooms at a hotel, which is sold out in Agra.

By mistake, I have confirmed the same to the client by mistake (it was genuinely by mistake).

If the rooms do not come thru, then I will be having a very bad name. I have a very good name in my job – this will ruin all my efforts.

Please help.

This will not happen in the future.

Sincere regards

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  1. Problems bring us closer to Christ

    Our Heavenly Father knows our hearts, better than we know that of ourselves. We are human, and to be human is to make mistakes.

    Sometimes God allows mistakes to occur in our lives, so that we will be more dependent, and rely more completely on him. This is his way of bringing us closer to him through our daily relations in this life.

    Find a nice quiet place to pray and ask Christ with all your heart to grant you the knowledge needed in order to resolve this issue.

    You might be surprised at how easy it is to clear up this error that was made.

    He loves you very much and would never want to ruin your name by an honest mistake. God bless….

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