Prayer to solve your problems now

by Brann Sylvie (DUTCH)

I have a wife who is the most amazing person ive ever met. I love adore and worship the ground she walks on. Ive had a bad childhood and its lived with me for many years ive ended up spending time in jail in 2012 to 2014. I ended up turning my life around and now im in the British Army but as my relationship grew stronger with my wife ive ended up drinking saying things that i dont mean also have had two seizures and overdosed on anti depressants im really struggling to understand why im like this. My marriage is on a temporary break and all i want to do is win my wife back i know people say its the drink but i can drink with my friends and im fine but then sometimes i drink and i dont know i turn into an idiot ive never hit or cheated on my wife i just shout swear i feel like ive lost my way.

I need help in getting my wife back please help me. She is the most beautiful loving caring person ive ever met she accepts me for who iam and my past i feel like i have a devil on my shoulder that wants to be an idiot but on the other shoulder i have a person that wants to do good things i cook clean tell my wife i love her every day i work she doesnt i do think in my mind i do my absolute best. But then i mess things up its so frustrating and all my problems has come to an end with the help of Dr. Oomirimiri contact his email: [email protected] to get your what ever problems you have come to an end today also call +2347038832903 for fast responds

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