Prayer to Soften the Heart of My Loved One

by Sheng (Philippines)

Dear God, I am not sure if EB is your answer to the man I was praying for over the years. E is such a great guy, better than the past men I’ve met. You know what is best for me, but I would like to pray for this request.

We are friends who I’ve developed feelings for. I do feel that I’ve scared him by oversharing my life story. But I do like him a lot. If it is your will, please guide him back to me and that we become more than just friends. Please destroy the wall he’s built, make him want to spend time with me. I am scared that I made a mistake that only you can bind back. I’m really regretting my mistake of showing too much which might have scared him. Please make him want to be with me too. I really like E. If not, please help me heal. I’ve been broken too many times.

Thank you all for joining me in my prayer.