Prayer to Soften my husband’s heart

by Kathrine Moore (Atlanta, Georgia)

I will start by saying I love my husband dearly. He and I are the best of friends and we love each other very much. Sometimes though he is very impatient. He is a home re-modeler and things can be tough. This weighs heavily on him understandably so.

He is asking me to do something for his son (we have both been married previously and have children from another marriage). I am to ask my ex-husband to do something for him and I have a very hard time asking him for help. When I called him and asked him (the ex-husband), my husband was very curious as to what we spoke about and how long we spoke. My ex did not give me an answer as he had to check on things from his end.

I was to call him back in a few days. I hesitated in doing so because my husband felt so jealous of me calling him (even though he put me up to it). Now he is insisting that I don’t love him because I haven’t called my ex back to see if he will do this for my step-son.

I feel that his impatience and inability to see clearly is causing angst in our relationship and me physically. I cannot get him to see my point of view and he becomes very irrational and very impatient.

I pray that God will soften his heart and allow him to see with a different perspective. I pray that I will be brave enough to ask a favor of my ex (as he owes me nothing), and that God will soften his heart to help me. My pray for my own well being and blood pressure to cope and stay strong through this.

I need strength and a softening of hearts. Please.

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