Prayer to Soften My Husbands Heart Towards Me

by Hearting Heart (North Carolina)

Lord with all your grace and mercy please soften the heart of my husband Doug that he can see you as his lord and savior. I know that I have not been the wife I should have been, but we had a lot of love between us, that I wore down not intentionally but from my own insecurities.

He is not wanting to work things out and I have come to realize it would take a miracle to move this mountain and the only mountain mover I know is you lord. I will not give up on praying and loving him as he is your child whether he believes it or not. I made a commitment to him for better or worse.

He has had a hard life and his faith is weak and I pray for the restoration of our marriage and the awakening of his heart for you lord. In the name of Jesus, please be with me in this journey.