Prayer to soften his heart

by KMU (USA)

Dear Lord,

I pray that you soften Mike’s heart to be able to work past the pain and fear that his ex created in him, so he is able to see that he is worthy of a loving and stable relationship. Open his heart to the potential we have together to raise our children as one family, to love each other, and to build a future together.

I care for him deeply and hate to see him reject what he wants because he can not guarantee that it will last. Please removed that fear from his heart, and open it to me.

Dear Lord, I do not come to you often, and you know the doubts that I harbor in my heart, but please answer my prayer. I believe he and I can be very good for each other, and our companionship and affections can heal each others’ hearts. we have both dealt with so much bad in our lives, please allow us this happiness. Lord, please hear my prayers. Amen