Prayer to Soften his Heart and Bring Him Back Home Safe

by Sue (AZ)

Heavenly Father,

The distance between us this past few years has taken it’s toll and my husband has decided he is too unhappy to stay with me. He left 2 months ago. Now he has signed up to go work for a military contractor overseas in Afghanistan and he will be gone a full year (at least). Please Father, soften his heart and bring him safely back home to me and the marriage. Please help us use this time to develop our own character, but to stay faithful to our vows and to rekindle the romance in our marriage, even though it’s long distance. Please help him to reach out to you for guidance and know that you are there. Please help change his heart so he can find peace and your divine strength and love. I will wait, I will endure. Please bring him home safe and whole.

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