Prayer to shower me with blessing amen

by Priscilla (Texas)

Dear lord pleas shower me with your blessings lord please shine your light on me and keep me safe lord please help me with Financial blessing and lord please help everyone with the same problem out and lord please show every hospital in s miracle for 7 days and please help the sick be well and lord please me with Rhonda family and help them get over there lost of Rhonda and lord.

Please let Sammy get back with Monica and lord please guide everyone in the right path and please be with Stacy and her kids and her family and please let booth auto get a Financial brake Thur please shower then with more cars then they can handle please put business grow and lord please help me with money as well lord please help all the homeless and please help all the sick and lord please help all the hurting and please help all the hospital and please help all the one in the nursing home please let family go visit all them people and lord please help every relationship that has been broke and please help all the non believers become believer amen

Thank you lord and lord please help Micah do the right thing and bless him and help him in life amen thank u lord I love you and thank you Jesus for loving me to and please bless everyone that takes the time to read my prays amen

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