Prayer to show my fiance how to love

by Dimples (Florida)

I am in need for serious prays, my 10 years relationship stared off pretty abusive. I was verbally and physically abused and then ended up pregnant. I hung in there, cause i felt as though god put me in this situation for a reason. Things got a lot better after a couple of years within the relationship, he wasn’t physically or verbally abusive anymore.

He’s the hardest person to communicate with, we always end up arguing over simple things. He’s not at all romantic and I feel as though he takes me for granted. I really dont know what to do anymore, I have tried for years to make this relationship works, but i dont think he gets how to treat a woman.

And i do believe he creeps. The positives, if anything he will always make sure home is taken care of, meaning bills paid, food on the table, etc. We do have moments when we laugh, hang out together and have a good time. I dont care about the bills, i just want someone to love and appreciate me.God i’m asking you for guidance and hear my prayers. Amen