Prayer to shed away my feeling of being Lost and Unvalued

Father, there are times that I feel unimportant to the people that are the most important to me. I am often deeply hurt by their lack of efforts. I do not have much of a family anymore but I believe that there are families of the heart. I have been trying to embrace those that I love and create a new family where I am an important member just as they are to me but I don’t feel very valued. I am easily forgotten.

I have been feeling like a don’t have a place in this world. I am lost. In this particular case, I feel like I am no longer valued by the person that I consider to be an honorary Godson, the son that I always prayed that I would have been blessed with.

It hurts because I truly delighted in our closeness. I always treat the relationships that I have with others with dignity, respect and genuine love. I usually become a “second thought” and not a priority in anyone’s life. Please Father, show me what I am doing wrong if it is my fault. If it is not my fault, help me bring caring and love to me.