Prayer to sever an unholy relationship

by Jan (Canada)

Dear Heavenly Father I pray now in Jesus name that you would place an insurmountable wedge between my estranged husband of 41 years and the woman he has been consorting with for the past year. It is an unholy union. She is an unbeliever who follows a false cult and a snare to his soul. When he was a devoted follower of you he has stated his desire and showed by his actions that he desired to follow you completely. He has been a believer for 35 years. Since he left our home in October he has not had any Christian teaching or fellowship. This past year you know his personality has changed.

It appears he has yielded without resisting to Satans temptation and to believe his lies about our relationship. I know that his physical pain and suffering and being on strong pain medications in the past year has clouded his mind and made him act in a way that he has never acted before. Remove any remnants of dependency if they remain. pull out any strongholds of unconfessed sin in his life. Because there is so much at stake here such as the fact that she is his co-worker at my disabled son’s day program, I ask with a sense of urgency for a quick answer. Sever this union make them at odds with one another. Show him that this is not the perfect relationship he thinks it is. Rather than seeing that she is ‘nice’ make them start to quarrel and have strong differences of opinion.

Remove the blinders from his eyes as to her motives. Make her convinced that he is just using her as he has not entered into divorce proceedings at all with me. Restore him to his first love Jesus and may he start to hear your voice once again clearly and to receive a spirit of repentance in order to fully turn his back on this sin. Make him unable to lie to himself or to you any longer. As he has walked out from under your umbrella of protection Lord, show him that sin has dire consequences trampling on your grace is not a wise thing. Hem him in Lord and please use your love and grace as well as your severity and judgement to guide him back into your fold before it is too late and his conscience is totally seared. Give him a desire for true fellowship with you and other believers.

Shut him off from Satans trickery and lies. Do not let Satan bring condemnation and a sense of hopelessness as he moves back to faith. Give him hope that he can once again be renewed and restored to fellowship with you Father. Bring your will and victory into his life once more. Amen

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  1. A year later

    It has been a year since I wrote this prayer. My husband is still gone. I am hoping to work through separation issues with him and see him assume proper responsibility to his disabled son and in the sharing of financial resources. I have no desire to divorce but I am not sure where he stands on that. My prayer is still relevant though so keep standing for righteousness with me. J

  2. Unholy relationship

    Great prayer. I need this prayer for my husband. He prays and lies in my face

  3. Unholy relationship

    Great prayer. I need this prayer for my husband. He prays and lies in my face

  4. Unholy relationship

    Great prayer. I need this prayer for my husband. He prays and lies in my face

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