Prayer to Sell Our Hopeless house

by Hope (Slidell La.)

Dear Lord,

I am asking for a long awaited selling of my house just because I don’t think I can take anymore of the stress that goes along with it. My husband and I have three kids and trying to keep a house in showing condition has been hard enough, but I don’t like the person it has made me become.

We have shown our house at least 40 times and I am not exaggerating, and not one bite until this past weekend. We finally had an offer put in. We counter offered. They had until yesterday to accept or decline our offer. They declined. My husband and I are just disgusted. This whole process has taught me a lot about myself, my marriage and my patience, which I know was your point, but honestly I don not know how much more I can handle.

We have another family coming this evening to view. Please let this be the family that loves our house so my family can move on.

In Jesus’ name