Prayer to Sell Our Home

by John (Freeland, WA)

Dear God, St. Joseph all the angels and saints please bless St. Joseph who is buried in our front yard by our for sale sign in reverent honor to help us sell our home. We would like to sell our home so that we may follow what we believe has been a direct divine intervention. We also honestly ask this for our happiness and it is a necessity to sell our home to start our new beginnings together.

Lord, and all angels and saints thank you for always being there even where I have shunned you away. Lord God, and Jesus Mary and Joseph and all the angels and saints it is you alone who have spared me my life, brought me and my own father closer together because of my own doings in the past. I know it is because of you alone that I am alive today – you have spared my life and for that I have turned my life around and am closer to spirituality than ever.

You gave me life, you gave me choice, you gave me hope, you gave and have given me everything I have needed, when I needed it. Thank you for my hardships, thank you for my blessings, thank you for happiness, and love. Thank you for your willingness to take your time on a seemingly hopeless case as I felt I once was. I feel a sense of rebirth, not unlike Jesus, and one of hope and joy and sadness and life.

To which I dedicate becoming closer to God and helping others. Help me, help us oh Lord God, Jesus, Mary St. Joseph and all the angels and saints to help us sell our home. We trust in you – my faith is wavering at times, and this is why I am praying even harder. I believe and I have faith, and faith is found often at our toughest times.

It is then when faith truly matters the most. Faith is easy to have when things are going well, the true test is when the chips are down. I thank you for everything – it is always exactly what I need. I do humbly request your help with selling our house. Please hear these prayers, please know that I love you all and believe in the eternal afterlife with you.

Our life on earth is short, compared to the glorious eternal life you promise by simply having faith and living by some fairly simply principles. All angels and saints, God, Jesus Mary and St. Joseph hear these humble prayers. Please help me my faith. Please let me love others as I am loved. Thank you. In the name of the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

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