Prayer To sell our home so we may downsize.

by Regina And Keith (Orange Texas)

My husband and I have answered the call of Holy Orders, and he will be ordained a Deacon in the Catholic Church in a yr. We need to sell our home and downsize to be in the city so we may humbly serve our community within the city.

We live 20 min from town in the country and 3 acres of land and a 2500sq foot home no longer meets our needs. The up keep it is difficult and after a heart scare last yr it’s no longer practical for us. I pray we sell our home quickly and easily, and pray the Lord finds our final home for retirement and a full time life of service.

Your prayers would be appreciated. We tried 4 yrs ago n it didn’t sell. We pray this time it will…Thank you for your prayers in advance on this journey..

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