Prayer to sell my house and find one soon!

by Marilou (Stem NC USA)

Dear Holy Father St. Joseph please sell my house. I am legally blind. I need to find a place that I can afford, safe, convenient to transportation for me to go to work, church, stores and other places that I needed to go.

My house has been on the market since March 2014 and I have been staying at my coworker for couple weeks since last month for transportation to take us to work, she’s also visually impaired that’s why we ride the city bus/van within the route areas to go to work. The lady I’ve been riding with for 5 years who lives near my house and works at the same place I work was making me late to work since I put my house on the market.

I have to be at work before 7am and her at 7:30am. She told me to find me another ride to work. Please help me St. Joseph to sell my house. Thank you St. Joseph thank you, thank you…Glory to God Glory to Jesus and Glory to Holy Spirit! Amen