Prayer to sell my home and move on in life

by Grace (Gilbert, AZ)

It was always a goal of my husbands to make our way back to North Carolina where we first started. That was the place that made us the happiest. Since the loss of my Husband 3 years ago life has not been the same. We have faced many struggles, I know the Lord is watching over us and I am thankful for all he has guided me to do.

I am seeking prayers to help Myself and 2 children to have some peace in our lives. The 3 of us want to move on in our lives and make a fresh start. We cannot do that without selling our house. We desperately need a change. We have found a place in North Carolina, I believe my Husband guided us to it. We have had our House on the Market for 108 days with no Luck.

Please help us pray to get this house sold so we can be happy again. My children and I thank you for your prayers. May the Lord grant you happiness you deserve. Love and Prayers, Grace

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  1. Be still

    Grave you have endured a lot and actions and event will take place to allow the selling of your house. God gives us all a time of mourning and from what I have learned and seen he doesn’t allow us to move on until that period of time for mourning has passed so ask your self are you still in mourning or have you felt your truely ready to leave AZ? It was your home with your husband now have you really thought about going to and arriving in NC with out him? Are you ready for that time of mourning? Are you going to be happy or is it going to make you feel better you hope ?

    Lord Jesus our savior with out you and your father nothing is possible as a humanbeing and a stranger to grave an her sons if it be your will lend Grace the shoulder and hand she needs to follow thru with her decision in your name dear brother Jesus I say Amen to you on this prayer

  2. Prayers have been answered

    Our prayers have been answered we sold our house and have just arrived in North Carolina! We move into our new home in just a few days! I have asked myself a lot of questions and god has helped me answer them. It took some time but we are all so happy for the next chapter of our life! Thank you for your prayers.

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