Prayer To Sell My Dreamhouse

by Rachel (Massachusetts)

My Prayer to St. Joseph

Dear St. Joseph, guardian of Our lord, Jesus Christ, please hear and pray for my sincere, heartfelt intention spoken in this prayer. Please bless my gracious home. It is in the creation of and growing with my home, that I have poured out my talents, time, energy and love to create a beautiful, loving, caring and spiritual environment for my family.

This abode became a home where we laughed, cried, celebrated, argued, relaxed, studied, slept, ate, prayed and grew. My three boys entered as babies and toddlers and they leave as grown men. This house is a reflection of my determination and it has become a haven, a nest, a fortress, a protector of us both physically and emotionally.

It is a very special place; a truly unique gem, that showcases the talents of many and aims to recreate and preserve the beautiful interiors and craftsmanship of a bygone era. The exquisite woodwork throughout pays homage to the beauty of nature and its divine gift to humanity.

As a carpenter, I know you value this as well. My prayer is for a quick and profitable sale, reflecting the true value of my home, to a family who will appreciate and cherish it the way I have. Please hear and pray for my intention regarding my financial goal and future security. Dear St. Joseph you answered my prayer oh so many years ago before the boys attended your namesake school.

Please, in your love and mercy, hear and answer my prayer again. Thank you from the depths of my being. Amen.