Prayer to sell house quickly and with no impediments

by Jenn (Ontario, Canada)

Dear St. Joseph, I pray to you that our house that has been on the market for some time, will sell quickly and profitably. I pray that nothing impedes the sell of this house. Please help whatever spirit is in our house to move on to stop the “mishaps” that are happening in our house. We have loved and cared for our home and pray that another honest family will buy our home and love and care for it as well. I pray that the contractors fix the problems they promised to fix, quickly and correctly and that we pass inspection and the house will be ready for its new family. I also pray that you lead us to the right home, one filled with peace. Finally, I pray that when we move, due to you, St. Joseph, that we find the services we need for our children, so that they may live the lives they could not live here. Amen.

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