Prayer To Sell A Home

by Lisa (Virginia, USA)

Dear Lord,

I am almost embarrassed to ask you for something that others would perceive as being so trivial. I know that I am an undeserving sinner but I do try to be the best person I can be every day of my life and I try to aspire to being an even better person as time goes on.

I am not perfect – far from it – but that is why I have you to pray to God for you forgive my sins and help guide me as I make my way through life.

I have had my house on the market for over a year. I recently had to drop the price another $15K because we have several people in this neighborhood who have just abandoned their homes and then put them on the market well below their value in order to sell them quickly. My house is beautiful and I never really wanted to leave it but you blessed me with more children than we have room for in this house.

My children are happy and healthy and I know that should be enough but I would love a house with more space where we can have people visit. We have no room to entertain friends or even family for that matter and my children share a room.

When we built this house, I never thought I would have children. They were indeed a wonderful surprise and I cherish every moment with them. But now that they are growing up, they need more room.

Our house is also located on a road that has had several fatal accidents which makes me worry about my husband going to and from work. I have family members who refuse to visit because of the road and makes me very sad. I would love to finally be able to have a holiday celebration in my own home instead of packing everyone up and traveling.

Anyway, again I feel embarrassed about asking for something that seems so trivial but this has caused me great stress Lord and it’s starting to take a toll on my health. My blood pressure has gone up significantly and I need some relief. I do want to thank you for all the love you have shown my parents through their illnesses.

I know I would be pressing it if I asked for 15 years of good health and limited doctor’s visits for them but I’ll do it anyway. My parents sacrificed so much when I was growing up that I feel they deserve it.

P.S. Please look after my older sister. I’m still scratching my head as to why you chose to take my brother-in-law from us just days after his birthday and just two weeks after an excellent physical exam but I know you have a reason. I am just thankful that he went in his sleep without any pain.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Amen

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