Prayer to see the right way

by Fel (DB)

St Jude, please pray for me that God may help me decide what’s right, that God may guide me, that God may make this easy for me, that God may grant the wishes of my heart, that God may always show me the right way.

Thank you so much St Jude.

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  1. Im in agreement for you that he meet all your needs

    Please pray for us also Justice, Peace, and Protection…

    Father you know I have wanted to wait for your exact and perfect place and timing. If the place I am going to is your provision, please make it totally clear. My family will be closer to us. LORD, this is the best offer that has been available in all of the time I have been looking for your place for me. That You open up those Right doors.

    I ask that you go before me and make all of the necessary provisions that will be necessary for a move & for repairs. I thank you if this is it and for my family in Christ joining me in this petition that they Accept my Offer & I Buy this Home & Sell mine at the same time Soon at fair price.

    Lord, you know all the dozen Health issues im dealing with. I am trusting you for all of your Healing provision, especially this possibility of much lesser rent in a safe area, near to Family/friends and with access to my grandson.

    You have blessed me beyond, beyond through all of the years of challenge and opportunity to grow in you. I ask for your wisdom and discernment so that I do not interfere in your plans for me to honor and serve you with the Right High Paying Job Soon * for son in law also that I be well enough to handle it with strength & energy.

    That you also fix the Car, Homes, Families, Hearing, Vision, inflamation, glasses, friendships, wt. and all that needs fixing Asap so I can recover quickly & eat right and exercise. That my daughter will cooperate & help me with everything. She recently commited herself to You Daddy soften her heart for me. That i see my dad family before he goes Home to be with You.

    I ask for your continued leading as I write the book I believe you want me to. May she & her family & our family, friends come to know you as their personal Lord and Savior. Bring Godly people Boaz in our lives to help us with all that I ask. May none of these past 12 years be in vain but bring glory to you Father Soon.

    In Jesus name. Praise You Lord Always Amen!

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