Prayer to see my grandchildren again

by Tami (Hamilton)

Jesus I worshop you .I have went astray I was mad .how could you let my son and his wife take those baby’s from me . But it is not you lord .you would not do that.satan did this .he has been trying for years to get me back this was the one and only thing he could do and he finally did it . I have seen my daughter in law the way she smears at me and the cruel things she does and says .i fought for 8 years and let her do and say anything to hurt me. I couldn’t take it anymore Jesus I was battling a demon face to face every day . She never would argue in person or phone it was always text . That’s how I knew it was satan chicken to face you . I have ask you Jesus to forgive me for saying anything back and pray for them I no my sins and you have forgiven me .now Jesus cast out the demons in my son and his wife bless them and please tell those kids I love and miss them so bad it hurts .give me strength oh mighty God to get through this .please take this pain of missing them away .and fill my heart and soul with the holy spirit and drench my body with the blood of Jesus.cast satan and all his demons out of my family. Fill us with your love lord send an angel down from heaven to bring us together as we should be… Amen