Prayer to See Me Through

by Tammy (IN)

Today I ask your blessing, as I have on many occasions, to help me through a financial mess. I know it is of my own making. I also know that there are many prayers that are far more important than mine, but I am at a crossroads. I am with a person I believe is detrimental to my physical and mental well being because of my financial circumstance. I love this person but there is a side that is unpredictable and cruel. I am always convinced the ugly part inside has reared it’s head for the last time but then it shows up again and fearvit will never change. I ask not to have more than others but the ability to choose to be on my own if that is what I have to do for my family. The thought of being on my own terrifies me but financially it is not even an option. Please help me in this trying time and mostly help me make the right decisions for my family. I know you will do what is right because you have always been by my side when I needed you most. Thank you for everything you have given me and each and every beautiful day I have had to enjoy. I want to start helping others like you have always helped me!

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