Prayer to Secure Job Opportunity

by Morris (Singapore)

Hi Jesus, it is me, Morris. Unfortunately, I’m not that good with praying so please excuse me if it does not come out with much grace.

The thing is, I had applied to this particular company before, for two different positions, that after going for both interviews pretty much came back with a shake of their heads. However, recently I was emailed by them in regards to another position and I gladly accepted the proposed interview date and time.

A second, follow-up interview came and went just yesterday, and now is the waiting game.

I wish to ask you to help me through this uncertain period, to help me to be seen as the favorable candidate for this career, and ultimately a reply of a successful employment. I am sure that we both are aware of how much time and effort I have done to try to make this work, and I sincerely hope that all these is within your plans for me.

I also believe that with a positive response from them, it will also provide me with a huge healing factor to my already-low, self-confidence.

In a sense, this career choice means a lot to me and I hope, with Your grace, that it will come to pass.

I thank You and anyone out there who has taken the time to read this prayer request of mine, and for praying for me too.

Thank you all again, and God bless. 🙂

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  1. Morris

    Morris, know that what god has for you, it is for you. Sometimes, we may think we want a particular job so badly. But, god knows what is a great fit for you. When you pray always say god, if it is in your will. You may not get that job, but always know he will have a job better than the one you really wanted.

  2. God bless u Morris

    Jesus loves you. Jesus knows your need. And he will bless yoy with employment. He is a mighty God and is already blessing you and working on your behalf. Keep the faith anf praise your heavenly father because he cares for you. Read psalm 23 and memorize this and isaiah54:17.

  3. Thank you.

    Unfortunately, it seems that it was all for naught and now, I pay the price for it…

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