Prayer to Save Us from Financial Problems

by Ann (Illinois)

Please Lord help me. I’ve tried to do the best I can to be a good person and not ask for any help. I am so sad and scared I cannot get up in the morning without crying. Everyday I cry, I can can hardly leave my home for fear of bursting into tears in front of people.

The economy in our area is so bad and lead by such greedy people I have no hope. I will probably loose everything my grandparents, parents and I have worked for at Christmas this year. I have no control over any of this in my life and truly am at the end of my rope. I hate getting up in the morning because I wake up and am still alive. I have nobody but you Lord to talk to.

I am such a failure I can’t stand myself. I have tried my best it just isn’t good enough. I know you have so many people ask you for help and I’m far down the list but please if you could find it in your heart either put me out of my misery or or put me on stable ground. I ask no more then I need, please Lord help me not to let my ancestors legacy be destroyed.

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