Prayer to save son

Please pray for my little boy. My wife and I have been thru a terrible divorce over the last two years, with my son caught in the middle of it. He is such a kind young man and doesnt want to hurt anyone.

He and his mother had an altercation about 3 weeks ago, and it got physical. He went before a judge yesterday and could not find the right words to say to the judge because he wanted to tell him that he wanted to just spend some time with his dad and not go to his moms, so his heart could heal. The judge sent him to a juvenile facility for 2 weeks, to think about his answer to him.

Please pray for my son Spencer, he needs the strength to speak his own mind in court on June 2nd at 130pm. He is so alone in a facility he doesnt belong, only because he didnt want to hurt anyones feelings. I ask for your prayers in this hard time for everyone. Thank you all, and God bless

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